Game Review Plants vs zombies 2

Game Review Plants vs zombies 2
Most Android users and gamers should be played or tried even once the game Plants vs. Zombies of the development company EA Games, has recently arrived in the second part of the game to the Google Play store, where the game is now available for all awaited Android users, while users obtained iOS months before them.
Game Type:
The game is Sorted as a spontaneous game, have not been classified as a Puzzle game; because they are not quite as well, and have not been classified as a defensive game or something like that. Where this game depends on the method of defending your home from the vampires of different capacity, and by planting plants fighter different types and shapes.

Game Review Plants vs zombies 2 
 The game has high graphics and distinct, with strong colors and adds vitality to the overall atmosphere of the game. And take the game in this version better graphics than the previous version a bit, but the same design style that we are accustomed to it.
Sound effects :
Sound effects of the game more than a fun atmosphere, not a significant difference between the sound effects for the first version and the effects of this version, but the latter offers what is certainly new.
How to play:

Game Review Plants vs zombies 2 
 In this game you control a variety of plants that possess a variety of forces to repel attacks aimed at eliminating zombies you, and that you had to a lot of skill, intelligence and caution.The back of this part of your game to a different time times, where you navigate through the time machine; Through error, and refer you hundreds of years back in order to get a sandwich I was impressed by your neighbor.
starts at the times of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt, where the attacking zombies that bearing pharaonic outfit, and you have to defend your home and collect gifts and gold pounds, will not be able to grow something unless you collect the suns that connects through the flowers and the sky. As your game will move to several other periods of time, and in every age change forms zombies and capabilities.
 The new part brings many different species of plants, with a new combat capabilities acquired during the fighting zombies, as well as new types of vampires, where some of them of stealing the sun if you do not get them quickly;, a most disturbing way!
Game Review Plants vs zombies 2
The game distinct and wonderful and eliminate boredom has won issued new admiration, in the beginning I found similar to the previous version, but after that back your time back, you'll find several variations and new plants, to live an enjoyable experience while playing without feeling bored.
Download game:
Plants vs. Zombies 2 free and can be obtained through the Google Play store, they need to Android version 2.3 and above, and a size of 169 MB.

Keyboard Google Android ver 4.4 KITKAT available for download

Google Inc. began sends an update to the official keyboard for the Android operating system Google Keyboard for the progress in issuing new features "Keyboard" Android 4.4 version of Kit Kat Android Kitkat new.
Reload keyboard Google will provide many features, and is headed by the possibility of adding Smiles "Aamuja" well-known design of Japan (VSAT color: P) and can be accessed after activation and the emergence of a button on the panel and this is what is looking for most Android users recently.
The keyboard Google Android experience Net of the best programs in the Android Market Play for many reasons, including the simplicity and speed of response when writing accurately.
Update will be available gradually to all users of keyboard Google "Keyboard" flavored with Android 4.4 Kit Kat gradually as usual in most applications, but users who want its experience for the first time, must be available on their device (smart phone or tablet device) system version Android 4.0or higher in order to be able to access the application via the Google play market via link

Leaked photos and Description HTC M8

Leaked photos and Description HTC M8

New leaks that HTC Corporation is working to develop a new phone codenamed M8, where the company unveiled plans in February, 2014, according to the site ePrice.
The site published leaked images of the phone, where the device looked similar to that of the leading phone company HTC One, with some additions and variations, such as the presence of a small circle above the camera, they expect your phone fingerprint reader, as is the case with a phone HTC One max. The phone also has a thickness of less than HTC One, and more roundness edges.  
It is assumed that the device is 800 Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm 2.2 GHz, and a random access memory 3 GB RAM. It is expected that the phone offers screen measuring 5 or 5.2 inches and resolution of 2048 x 1080 pixels.
The HTC has unveiled this year for that special phone and one which HTC One, in addition to some secondary copies of it to expand the options One max and One mini, and it seems that HTC phone M8 will be most prominent in the year 2014. 

Tank Battles game up to Google Play

 Tank Battles game up to Google Play
 Gameloft has launched its new game Tank Battles, which is a game that relies on war fighting through the tanks and rely on the joint and individual play.
In this game, you can customize the tank, and to participate in the battlefield and destroy competitors, the game offers a multiplayer experience uniquely interactive and, in addition to the functions of the challenges of playing .
You develop your driving more than 90 thousand sets of guns, shields, chains, camouflage, and more, in order to dominate the battlefield with more than 22 items strong as mine, turrets and bombs, in addition to the formation of an alliance with your friends or challenge them in battles with the upgrade in paintingsweekly leaders and permanent.
The game contains 80 level to play singles and 10 maps to play multiplayer, with removable barriers to the destruction and moving obstacles and closed doors, conveyor belts and much more.
Tank Battles game available on the Google Play store, free of charge, and can be installed on any device running Android 2.3 and above.

Google glasses second with New Headphone update

After assurances from Google as Google Glass will update the new addition to invite friends to buy a piece of them, announced today that through its front through Google+ network,
 Google Glass and published pictures of the new design glasses "Google Glass" new Second Edition.
Google glasses second with New Headphone update 
 Google Glass issued the second came the design is similar to the first version, and we can barely notice the difference Bennzarh Google versions, but it is the most prominent was the presence of support for Tusir headset is Tosaliha to the glasses and can be used in places with a lot of noise with the possibility to use the loudspeaker in the glasses also.
Now, owners can Google glasses  first issued replaced with the new version in addition to the ability of the owner of the glasses to provide an invitation for three people to buy them at the price of $ 1500.
It should be noted that Google Glass is still available copy Developers and running Android and is expected to be launched for all users in 2014.

Motorola sets date to disclose Moto X phone on Nov. 13

Motorola has launched a company owned by Google suspense interactive page next to her smartphone soon Moto G, which referred to the launch date of the phone on November 13 .

We have seen this phone and we learned some specifications in an earlier leak, which is similar to previous phone Moto X, but with low specifications.

According to the previous infusion, the phone will have the same measure and display a screen resolution of Moto X (4.7-inch and accurately 720p), as it works the same previous phone processor Snapdragon S4 Pro, but at a frequency of 1.5 GHz. The phone also offers a battery with a capacity of 1950 mAh industry LG, and will be available Bsotai 8 storage and 16 GB, in addition to the 8 megapixel camera, and information on the RAM capacity.

It is expected that the new phone offers good specifications and competitive and at a relatively low price, up to 135 pounds (about U.S. $ 215), which makes the phone a suitable option for those looking for a good specification and reasonable price.

We only need to wait for less than 10 days, and we will know all the details and information about the new phone and its price. Are you excited for the second Motorola phones under the cover of Google? Tell us your opinion in the comments. 

View phone Nexus 5 from the inside!

It's fun sometimes to see the phone's internal components, motherboard, monitor, camera, wireless charging base, and all these pieces exist between two pieces of plastic front and rear. He has site iFixit; and interested unzip all the modern appliances and determine the proportion of ease of its ability to decode and reform, open Google phone pioneer and the new Nexus 5.
Did not require decoding the new phone, but only 15 step, which means that its ability to decode is relatively easy, and certainly it requires some special ills Therefore, the most important piece of plastic capable to open Alguetaoualkhalafa for device installed without teeth exposed him to break.

The phone has got to assess 8 of 10, which describes its ability to decode and reform; where 1 is the most difficult and 10 are the easiest, according to the assessment of site iFixit.

It is clear that Google and LG Qama design a new phone in a good and practical manner, which helps in the process of reforming the phone in the event of injury to any malfunction. In any case, what is your phone Nexus 5 from the inside? Tell us in the comments.

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